Monday, September 20, 2010

Life @ NITIE: Mod 6 Begins

So it begins!! The last quarter/module in my academic life has started. Soon the final placement fever will start taking effect, and it will be a different place altogether. Hopefully people will get the profiles they want.

Previous module was a little hectic as compared to module 3, especially if you consider the amount of time spent on Project Management. Comparatively the exams were better than I expected. Honestly, some of the papers were so pathetic that even a 10th standard boy would be able to attempt those papers given the ppts used by the Professor. In fact, for few of the electives people wrote the answers in an hour’s time when we have been given 3 full hours. So much for quality! Speaking of quality, the last 2 papers – FRM and PM were worthy of getting highest attention among students (and hence giving more tension). After FRM mid term (where I got 3.6 out of 15, first exam in record in which I technically failed, but still fared better than average), there was a lot of talk about how the paper was going to be. The end term paper better than anyone had expected, though little lengthy especially considering the fact that we were given just 2 hours to solve it against the usual 3 hours. Finally, PM which has a track record of being toughest paper in 5th module for years, indeed was tough for most of the people, especially if one had not looked at previous years’ question paper.

6th Module seems a little bit boring as compared to 5th one, if you take out Financial Engineering and Leadership Development. I attended my first lecture of SSB, and I must confess he is pretty passionate about teaching. The amount of knowledge the person has… Whoa!!! Thumbs Up for the guy! FE guy is the same guy who taught us FRM and as expected he did catch me during the lecture, asking me whether I attended his previous lectures (which I didn’t). More lectures coming this week, lets see how Mod 6 turns out.

Oh and the summer internship selection process begins next week. All the best to all my Juniors!!!

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