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NITIE Memories

NITIE…. Following things came to my mind

- Great place to have 18 months of vacation :)

- One of the best experiences in my life!

- Looking at the watch at 11.30PM and saying I can watch an episode of FRIENDS now and then go to sleep at 12

- Kuldeep (my neighbor) playing “Saat Samunadar Paar” after every Mod exam at the highest volume of the speaker. Post final Mod exam when he didn’t play this song, Sarthak and I actually went to his room asked him why didn’t play it this time!!!

- The night when Prashant, Karunendra and I were watching various old Pop music videos despite slow NITIE net, till 3AM in the morning (it was too late for someone like me). That was the first time I saw “Nigori Kaisi Jawani Hai”

- Varun coming to room during exam times and saying, “Yaar, ek baat bata” And then asking multiple questions

- Talking of exam time, the number of people coming to my room for so called help and the way Prashnat used to be pissed off because their noise

- Bakku/ Chappan ki Bakabak

- A particular girl’s innocent face :)

- Those phone calls to Guest Faculty for coordinating lecture timings

- Karunendra’s smoking (Sorry dude, but that’s one thing you do a lot) and his passion for bike

- Karunendra’s persistence to make me drink at least once in NITIE and my persistence not to drink, at the end I won \m/

- The awesome view of Renaissance hotel, Powai Lake, a whole range of hills – all this from my hostel room. You get up in the morning and you watch outside the window – it was like Heaven

- Those assignment which never had tight deadline but I always wanted to submit it at the earliest. I am sure Varun, Vaibhav, Shekhar must have been thinking why our used to present first in the class

- Controversies related to a particular “committee” (Kis college mein yeh nahi hota!!!)

- Sengar’s swearing habit (Some actually know him by his Nick name only – Google)

- The Prerana nights – especially the first one!!

- Divekar’s awesome humor – You are too good mate!!!

- Vaibhav and Vaibhaw’s knowledge

- Those Cricket matches in the common area

- Visits by my BE Project Group, although at different times, were memorable

- One of the best Profs I have met, Som Shekhar Bhattacharya – This despite the fact that he will be giving me my lowest grade in NITIE

- Being one of the toppers of the Batch and being recognized as one!

- Those Operations Simulation Games which we never won – with Shekhar and Sarthak

- Siddharth aka Tau’s punch lines

- Section C’s high CGPA which is the topic of discussion even among the Profs

(To be continued)


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It feels really frustrating sometimes. What is the point of being the so called sincere guy in class, the “nine" pointer guy when your parents are worried about how much time you spend on TV serials and movies in hostel!