Monday, January 24, 2011

NITIE Memories

NITIE…. Following things came to my mind

- Great place to have 18 months of vacation :)

- One of the best experiences in my life!

- Looking at the watch at 11.30PM and saying I can watch an episode of FRIENDS now and then go to sleep at 12

- Kuldeep (my neighbor) playing “Saat Samunadar Paar” after every Mod exam at the highest volume of the speaker. Post final Mod exam when he didn’t play this song, Sarthak and I actually went to his room asked him why didn’t play it this time!!!

- The night when Prashant, Karunendra and I were watching various old Pop music videos despite slow NITIE net, till 3AM in the morning (it was too late for someone like me). That was the first time I saw “Nigori Kaisi Jawani Hai”

- Varun coming to room during exam times and saying, “Yaar, ek baat bata” And then asking multiple questions

- Talking of exam time, the number of people coming to my room for so called help and the way Prashnat used to be pissed off because their noise

- Bakku/ Chappan ki Bakabak

- A particular girl’s innocent face :)

- Those phone calls to Guest Faculty for coordinating lecture timings

- Karunendra’s smoking (Sorry dude, but that’s one thing you do a lot) and his passion for bike

- Karunendra’s persistence to make me drink at least once in NITIE and my persistence not to drink, at the end I won \m/

- The awesome view of Renaissance hotel, Powai Lake, a whole range of hills – all this from my hostel room. You get up in the morning and you watch outside the window – it was like Heaven

- Those assignment which never had tight deadline but I always wanted to submit it at the earliest. I am sure Varun, Vaibhav, Shekhar must have been thinking why our used to present first in the class

- Controversies related to a particular “committee” (Kis college mein yeh nahi hota!!!)

- Sengar’s swearing habit (Some actually know him by his Nick name only – Google)

- The Prerana nights – especially the first one!!

- Divekar’s awesome humor – You are too good mate!!!

- Vaibhav and Vaibhaw’s knowledge

- Those Cricket matches in the common area

- Visits by my BE Project Group, although at different times, were memorable

- One of the best Profs I have met, Som Shekhar Bhattacharya – This despite the fact that he will be giving me my lowest grade in NITIE

- Being one of the toppers of the Batch and being recognized as one!

- Those Operations Simulation Games which we never won – with Shekhar and Sarthak

- Siddharth aka Tau’s punch lines

- Section C’s high CGPA which is the topic of discussion even among the Profs

(To be continued)

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