Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am not sure how many people would be able to really feel the humour involve in this situation but when it happened we felt as if it was a scene from FRIENDS.
Today Aditya, Viraj and I met at our usual place - Marine Drive Katta. While discussing various subjects, we came to a topic about who is mature among us. Viraj and I thought that Aditya was the most mature guy among us, but somehow Aditya was not convinced. He thought we were making fun of him. While walking back towards the bus stop, Viraj saw an umbrella in Aditya's hands and commentet, "बघ, पावसाळ्याचे दिवस आहेत, पण आपल्यात तूच एकटा आहेस जो छत्री आणण्याइतका mature आहे". Aditya started laughing after hearing this. It was my umbrella :)

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Yours Truly said...

I cracked up too :D :D You're right - it does remind you of FRIENDS - it is an epic :D