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The idea of night-out at Nikhil’s place turned into a series of confusing phone calls. It all started when Nikhil sent an email to Viraj, Aditya and myself, informing us that his family would be out of Mumbai for few days, so we could have a night out at his house on Friday. Since, Aditya and I were having holiday on Saturday, we immediately agreed (It doesn’t matter for Viraj whether he is having office next day, though it was good to hear that he will have Saturdays off from April ’12). Afterwards, Aditya asked us if we were going to have dinner together with everyone initially agreeing to the idea. On Friday though, I told Nikhil that I will be having dinner at home as Nikhil was going to be in office till 9 (which meant he would be back to CST by 10). Now, here is the list of chats/calls which started at around 8.45PM -

  1. Chat - Aditya was chatting with me and asked when where we would be going for dinner. I told him that I was going to have dinner at home, but will join them afterwards. This irked him and he checked with Viraj he was going to come with him.
  2. Chat - Nikhil told me on chat that he will leave by 9.15
  3. Chat – After half an more, Nikhil replies that he will leave by 10
  4. Call – Nikhil calls Aditya and tells him that he will be very late, and asks him not to come.
  5. Call – Aditya calls up Viraj and tells him that Nikhil wants us not to come for night out as it is too late.
  6. Call – I am taking a walk after dinner and I get a call from Viraj. He asks if I am coming or not. We decide that we are going irrespective of how late it could be. He asks me to be ready so that he will come to pick me up, on his bike.
  7. Call - Viraj calls up Aditya and asks him also to be ready for dinner.
  8. Chat – I return back to home and begin to get ready. My brother sees the latest chat and asks me to check it out. Nikhil had posted that the plan was cancelled.
  9. Call – I call Nikhil but he doesn’t pick the call.
  10. Call – I call Viraj and tell him about the “latest” situation. He asks me to tell Aditya to have dinner at home.
  11. Parallel Calls – Viraj calls up Nikhil and I call up Aditya. Viraj convinces Nikhil that we are ready to come to his house late night. I tell Aditya the opposite, that night out is cancelled, not knowing that Nikhil had already spoken with him. (“अरे सिद्धेश, हे चाललंय तरी काय?” इति आदित्य)
  12. Call – Viraj calls me, tells me that the plan is still on and he will tell Aditya to have dinner with him.
  13. Call – Viraj calls Aditya and asks him to have dinner with us but he has already decided to have dinner at home. So its just Viraj and me.
  14. Call – Viraj comes to my building and calls me. We buy Kebabs and are on our way to Girgaum when we get a call from Nikhil.
  15. Call – Nikhil tells me that he is at Vikroli station, and would take more than 1 hour to reach. But he asks us not to bring any non veg at his house.
  16. Call – Viraj and I , decide to go to Marine Drive to eat Kebabs and Parathas. After reaching Marine drive we call Aditya and ask him to come to Marine drive.

There were few more calls before we actually reached Nikhil’s house. We walked from Marine drive to Fort, even though it was post mid night, reached his home at 1:10AM. I guess this was the only night out where we were looking at the laptop for more time than we talked, if you know what I mean.

And yea, I finally watched American Pie Smile


aditya said…
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aditya said…
Sid, actually you missed some interesting part in between. Comment 11: When I called Viraj for asking about dinner & telling him about Niks cancellation call Viraj told me that "we will not cancel the plan & we will go late to his home." Viraj called back saying that, we will go to dinner first & he told Nkhil for keeping plan on. The funny part was one more sentence " Are Nik is not going to return his home tonight." :D

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