Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lessons of from Last One Year

This is the weirdest thing about writing for me. Every time I get these topics in my head. I keep thinking about these topics, but when I decide to write a blog about them I seem to lose my creative touch. Even now, I was supposed to remember 3-4 lessons which I had thought earlier this week. But here I am! Can't think of much!

Let me give it another try!
  1. If you disagree with your friend, better tell him upfront. The later you tell him, the more it will hurt him. 
  2. When life gives you an opportunity, make the most of it. Because when you don't, it hurts her bad. And when she is hurt, she will hit back, very bad. She will make sure that you understand what you missed. Sometimes it will mock you at a level you cannot imagine. 
  3. When life fucks you, it hurts. All you can do is just wait for that one moment of ecstasy!
  4. Arguing with your parents is usually a losing battle, but you still need to fight it out. Never accept any decision on the face of it. 
  5. People will usually raise your hopes by telling stories of "exceptions" as if that is the rule. Use your intuition more often than your friend's.
  6. On other times, they will do the exact opposite by crushing your hope based on exceptions. 
  7. Read, watch and listen to more "quality" stuff!
  8. Exercise!

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