Saturday, February 5, 2011


We have come back to the same controversy which has been taking place for long time now. I am talking about the agitation going on against the Marathi Play – “Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy”. The worst of this agitation is that it is done by a party which is part of State Government. I am not sure who are these to decide whether a play is harming people’s conscience. Don’t these people have better issues to tackle? I guess since these parties can’t handle the inflationary situation well, so they are looking for such side issues to divert people’s attention. What can we say about a state where an Additional collector of a district is burnt alive!

And when a prominent MLA of the party was interviewed on TV he claimed that since court has already termed Nathuram Godse as guilty, there is no need for any writer to put forward his views which he says have been falsified by the court. Well, my question is that if you really feel so great about court why not use ways which can be upheld in a court. I feel really disappointed looking at the recent situation in India and Maharashtra in particular. Hope we come out of this mess quickly!

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