Sunday, March 1, 2009

Naruto Dialogues

I know Nik is not going to like this. But I really can not help it. And anyway Nik only advised me not to think about what people will feel when taking an action :) These dialogues are not the exact ones. I have tried my best of recollect what I saw and heard.

Kakashi(To Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and the Bridge Builder): I will not let my comrades fall before me. I will protect you with my life.

- When Naruto and Haku meet in the Jungle.

Haku: Is there anyone precious to you?

Naruto: Precious?

Haku: To become powerful you need to have someone precious to you for whom you can fight. When you find that precious one, then you will become truly powerful.

- Now one of my favorite ones. This is the dialogue during the Chunin exam. Neji defeats Hinata in the elimination round and is about to kill her because his hatred for her, only to be stopped by the proctor and other Teachers. Naruto gets angry with Neji’s behavior and goes to see Hinata. Neji is also annoyed with Naruto’s Pep talk with Hinata and then..

Neji(To Naruto): You!! Who do you think you are. Hinata’s fate was decided once I was matched against her in Chunin exam. She was going to lose. And you!! You talk a lot about not giving up. Let me tell you one thing – you cannot fight your fate. You can never change your destiny. You are a loser. And you can never win. Once a failure, always a failure!!!

Naruto(runs towards Neji): We will see about that…

Rock Lee intervenes Naruto.

Naruto: What is this?

Lee: The rules say any match outside the Chunin exam have no real bearing in the evaluation. Just imagine, a loser beating a gifted genius(Neji is called the “Genius” among his peers) through sheer will power!!! Doesnt that make for an exciting match!!! Even if it is I(Lee is Neji’s partner) who has to beat Neji.

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