Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Morning

These Sunday mornings have changed so much since my childhood. In terms of fun, studies and … TV shows. I miss those Sunday special TV shows so much!! First thing my brother and I used to do after getting up on Sundays was get hold of the Remote and switch on the TV. We have seen Shree Krishna, The Real Ghost Busters on Sony, Captain Vyom, Shaktiman (yea I have seen it for a while), other mythological stuff and of course more cartoons. We even used to have some heavy breakfasts in the morning which is when I had gained some weight. And yea how can I forget those constant exams. First it was Patawardhan Test series, then Agrawal Classes, Prasanna-Dwiwedi-Vargesse Trio and till recently AIM/SIM-CATs. These days when I get up on Sunday morning, there is no special feeling. Ohh.. I miss those Sundays :(

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Siddhesh said...

Those Sundays were indeed special. Nowadays, at B-school, I dont even realise that its Sunday, until night when we have special mess food.