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  • With results of 2 subjects to go my CGPA is at 9.27 :)
  • My family had come today to NITIE to meet me. I won’t be going home before my exam is over whereas in the mean while they will be going to our country place, Vareri in Devgad, Sindhudurg. My mother always wanted to see my college. I could not fulfil her wish when I was in Ruparel or VJTI. This time though she managed to come with my father and Bunty. Great feeling!!!
  • My Module 2 exam’s tentative timetable is out. 5 days 8 papers with one Sunday. 2 papers on each working day!!! Now that’s what I call MBA’s destiny.
  • My blog has been listed on NITIE site as regular NITIE blogger :-)
  • Even though I scored 9/15 in OB mid term, Organizational Behaviour is one subject whose practicality I can see every moment in my life. Being the CR such moments occur more often than I could have ever imagined.
  • My Chikitsak friends have made a plan for 31st Dec to go to Matheran. Hopefully this will work out properly.
  • With scores of VJComps people returning to their home land from US, there is yet another Garnish meet in early Jan.


Siddhesh said…
9.27.. Awesome.. Congrats!!
Madhav said…
heyy ! Congrats :) 9.27 wowww :)

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