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Life @ NITIE: Update

I am getting more and more infrequent with NITIE updates. Well, the exam is getting closer with less than a week to go for the first paper. I think I have got a good schedule considering the fact Data Warehousing and OR Modeling papers are on the same. Also, I will be finished with 4 papers in first 2 days, leaving me with 3 papers in last 3 days.

We had 2 mid-term tests last week, but fortunately for us, Strategy Management Faculty forgot her lecture, so we had no test on Saturday. Sunday’s FRM test was one of the toughest exams in NITE. 15 multiple choice questions with multiple correct answers in 30 minutes! To be honest it was practically impossible to finish the paper in 30 min. I was just able to write answers for 6 of them, but I am happy with my attempt, especially considering the fact that I was coming to FRM class after a gap of 6 weeks Smile This was the first time in my whole life that I saw a faculty in the last lecture of that subject Open-mouthed smile Siddhesh is changing!!!


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Raja Shivchhatrapati Lyrics

इंद्र जिमि जंभ पर… बाडव सुअंभ पर… रावण सदंभ पर… रघुकुलराज है !
पौन बारिबाह पर… संभु रतिनाह पर… ज्यों सहसबाह पर… राम द्विजराज है !
उदरात माउली… रयतेस साउली… गडकोट राउळी… शिवशंकर हा
मुक्तीची मंत्रणा… युक्तीची यंत्रणा… खल दुष्टदुर्जना… प्रलयंकर हा
संतास रक्षितो… शत्रू निखंदतो… भावंडभावना… संस्थापितो
ऐसा युगेयुगे… स्मरणीय सर्वदा… माता-पिता-सखा… शिवभूप तो
दावा दृमदंड पर… चीता मृगझुंड पर… भूषन वितुंड पर… जैसे मृगराज है !
तेज तम‍ अंस पर… कान्ह जिमि कंस पर… त्यों मलिच्छ बंस पर… सेर सिवराज है !
जय भवानी, जय शिवाजी !Thanks to Nik for sending this.In case any of you want to read the whole poem you can visit this link.


Finally gave the last exam which I had targeted in the year 2010. It took me 7 months to give my first NCFM exam. But soon got into study mode for rest of the exams. I guess toughest of them all was "Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management”. The last one – “Derivatives Dealers Module” was also tough because I had lost the momentum in between as I participated in lot of Operations Simulation Games with no touch of Finance during that one and a half month period. Now, I am proud NCMP Level 3!!!


It feels really frustrating sometimes. What is the point of being the so called sincere guy in class, the “nine" pointer guy when your parents are worried about how much time you spend on TV serials and movies in hostel!