Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Restrictions

Tonight when I was at the Airport, Dnyanesh asked me if we have any rules at the hostel about the restrictions in entry/exit after a particular time. I told him no, as I did not face problem at the only time I was late to return to campus. When I returned back to college, I was asked to write my contact information in a register and shown a notification saying students won’t be allowed to leave campus after 10.30PM and to enter after 11PM. I understand that this rule has been placed due to certain incidents outside the campus, but 10.30-11 o’clock deadline seems a bit too much Sad smile

1 comment:

Nikhil said...

ghari rule ahe '9 chya aat gharat' ani ithe tu lihtos '10.30-11 o’clock deadline seems a bit too much' :P

ani he kay>> 'as I have did not face problem'