Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life @ NITIE: Shaw Shank Redemption

Time – 11AM

Before we got into case solving mode in Business Ethics class, Vaibhav Gupta shows me latest score he received on his mobile. It was 124/8, Bhajji has just got out and my reaction was -

Sid – Damn it! Can’t they last for even 10 balls?

After a few minutes, VG asked me to check the score on GPRS.

Sid – Nah man. What’s the point in checking score now? Honestly I have lost hope now.

VG – Come on! Hope is a good thing, may be best of things, and no good thing dies.

Sid – Hehe… Lets see!

And we again started tracking score during the whole lecture..


Time – 1.45PM

India wins the test match by 1 wicket Smile And what an atmosphere in Hostel 5!!! Unforgettable!! I went to VG’s room and said – Yes man, hope is a good thing!!!

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