Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A particular professor in my college has been asking us to sell the Gandhi’s Auto-biography in corporate offices. The reason for this, he says is that it will improve NITIE’s image. I really wonder how it is going to improve or establish our image in the market place. According me, the only to prove that a college is good, is the Alumni network of that college and performance of the current batch in various festivals/ certifications/ exams. Because when someone like CRISIL comes to NITIE’s campus then it would like to see our financial knowledge. If it doesn’t see any talent, it would reluctant to come next time. On the other hand, if it finds more than a bunch of good people, then it will be more than happy to come again. How can selling books make us more “visible” in the corporate? It makes me little frustrating especially when the Prof tells us that we can even ask corporate to pay us money if they want us to come to their campus. Now, why on the earth company would want to pay to college students to come to their campus to sell books? It is hard for me to understand the arguments. If you understand, you are more than welcome to reply!!!

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