Thursday, October 7, 2010


When 6th Module’s timetable was declared during exams, we were little scared about the fact that we had been assigned Prof. S. S. Bhattacharya for Leadership Development class. Though he had a reputation of being a really passionate speaker, he also gave one of the toughest and the most innovative paper for section A & B. I missed the first class since I was at home during Ganeshotsav.

There is one most important rule in his class – Come on time. For people who are not familiar with NITIE, this might not be so big thing. But NITIE people know how late one can be for a lecture. I thought Prof. Khanapuri was lenient with our batch as he did allow some late comers to attend class (which was unlike his reputation as told to us by our seniors). So during the first lecture 7 people made it to the class whereas during 2nd lecture 8 people were allowed to enter. In fact, at the time of 2nd lecture more people were standing outside than there were people inside the class.

During his first 4 lectures he discussed 3 cases – the reminiscence of Nazi concentration camp survivor, the MRVC’s success story and Mount Everest Tragedy of 1996. What amazes me is his passion, the way he speaks, and his knowledge. After attending his classes, I realized how much I could have learnt in NITIE, and how much more I have to learn to be able to call myself a true MBA (Actually, this isn’t completely new. I had the similar feeling once I passed out of VJTI). NITIE needs more Profs like Bhattacharya Sir if it wants to compete with IIM, otherwise we will end up being in the 2nd tier of the Indian “Ivy” League.

Of course, he is also good with his quizzes, or should I say Surprise quizzes. In NITIE we hardly tasted Surprise quizzes, but we have had 2 quizzes in 5 lectures, with more than 10 people scoring 2.5-3 out of 24 (there wasn’t any negative marking) Such score actually forced me to ask Sir how these marks are going to be considered for final evaluation :)

6 lectures out of 12 already conducted and we haven’t completed first month of Module. So what is in store in the second half!!!

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