Saturday, September 1, 2012

Memories - I

As its been more than 6 months since I made any significant posts on this blog, let me rewind back and think about all the important things that happened during this period. As, it is hard to remember things in the chronological order, I will try to put down the memories as they come up. First, latest and the biggest is that my brother just landed in US few hours ago. He will be studying Industrial Engineering at University of Washington for next 2 years. 

Next in the list is receiving my Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management. On 21st August, 2012, we the student of Industrial Management batch for 2009-11 (Batch XVI) received their degrees. A big surprise came on the previous day when during the first rehearsal my name was announced for the Second Best student in my batch. As I was 3rd in the batch during my first year and had a very bad Final year project viva, I was not expecting this award. My mother and brother both were present during the convocation ceremony which took place in the NITIE lawns. Unfortunately, I could not completely enjoy the feeling as I was suffering from viral fever.

From convocation one more thing I comes to my mind. RTI - Right to Information. Well, I use my right to information in March when I filed an RTI application asking for information related to the delays in the declaration of results. Its another case that I never really bothered to check my CGPA after the results were being told on phone to students in May. I came to know my final CGPA only on 21st evening when I got my mark sheet. Coming back to the RTI issue, it was disappointing that it took my college almost 15 months to hold convocation for the batch, because by this time even my juniors have passed out of NITIE. It was nice to see that my batch-mates appreciated my effort in filing the RTI, hopefully all of us will excel in their respective field of work.
(to be continued)