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Memories - III

Matheran 2010 - Taking some rest on route to Neral
Before I begin with the events of the latest Matheran trip, I will first talk about how Matheran has been a memorable location for me. First thing I remember is the journey returning from Matheran to Neral. I don't know how and why we decided to walk all the way from Matheran market to Neral station. It started all well, with singing "Break up Ke Bad" song. But as the time went by, we realized how stupid we had been. Of course, the stupidest among us were Aditya and myself, who actually walked till we reached the bottom of the hill where Neral starts. Our dear friends - Susmit and Viraj, got a rickshaw in between and met us when we were resting at the bottom.

Second trip was full of confusion. Day before the trip, I informed Viraj that I was not well, so I would join them in the afternoon and they could go ahead in the morning. As Viraj was having office, he decided that he would join me in the afternoon, leaving Aditya and Nik for the morning journey. But, they were never informed about the same. Both got ready in the morning, Nik even reached station to buy tickets, but when they contacted Viraj, he informed them that 2 of us would be coming in the afternoon. After hearing this, Aditya and Nik, strangely decided to go back home and come with us. Co-incidentally, during the afternoon train journey, 4 of us got split into 2 groups - Viraj and I at one side & Aditya and Nik at other side.

Matheran 2011
Now, to the best part of trip and the most embarrassing on my part. It started with the usual topic that when is Aditya going to get married. We have a "legend" in our group that we all are fallen angels (Shapit Gandharva), and we are cursed that we will remain single until Aditya, who has been sent by God, gets married and lifts our curse. So when I started the topic, Aditya asked me about the girl, I had a crush on during my college days. I told him that she is very far from me, distance wise and long distance relationship don't really work. At that time, only Viraj and I knew about my Susmit and his GF. Viraj, suddenly blurted out that I could look at Susmit's example. Aditya and Nik, started asking him, why I should consider his "example". As Viraj usually never gets into such situation very often where others can verbally torture him, I joined the gang. But I made a mess of the whole thing by blurting out more than what Viraj had done. In the moment excitement, I said - look at There was a big laughter and no one discussed anything further about it but everyone got an idea, what I wanted to say....

(to be continued)


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It feels really frustrating sometimes. What is the point of being the so called sincere guy in class, the “nine" pointer guy when your parents are worried about how much time you spend on TV serials and movies in hostel!