Saturday, October 10, 2009


Honestly, I had no clue what so ever about how my brother was doing in his Mock GREs. I never asked him about it because I felt it might actually pressurize him. Also, he always used to complain to me as how he is not allowed by my parents to study late nights (by late night we mean 12.30, at max 1am) He had to postpone his GRE since he did not have a passport. In fact, he got his passport just 4 days before the new exam date.

So when he called me up on Wednesday after his exam -

Bunty: Ha Dada, Chuadashe Saath aala score.

Mi: Kaaai??? Chaudashe Saath?

Bunty: Chaudhashe Saath.

Mi: Kai boltos? Chaudhashe Saath!!! Awesome Yaar!! Awesome, Awesome!! Superb yaar!! (By this time I realized that my roomie was staring at me) Mastach score ahe re. Fourteen Sixty!!! Kuthe Ahes Aata?

Bunty: Ghari jaat ahe. Kalavale mi ghari.

Mi: Thik ahe. Mi sangato Susmit la. Bye.

(The intensity of my words cannot be expressed by writing them)

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