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12:49 AM

me: yea u said tht in the blog
  what is JLT?
12:50 AM Vishwajeet: just like tht
  me: k
  never heard tht before
12:51 AM Vishwajeet: tu hopless ahes
  me: tyat kai
  tula JIT mahit ahe?
12:52 AM Vishwajeet: just in time
  me: k tht was an easy one

Vishwajeet: haha


hey this is breach of confidential chats!i would use go off the record with you from now on.
Siddhesh said…
Abey shukra kar ke maine isake pehale ka part nahi dala :P
Nikhil said…
@g2, wen v wud chat, i wud activate 'go off the record' option.. n u used 2 oppose me. remember? :P
@sid,NITIE madhlya saglyanna JIT mahit asnarach :) most of u are 'Ops' (not Oops) people

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