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     A year ago I had gone to Jeetu’s home in Pimpri along with my friends. I had told Jeetu about Ubuntu a lot times previously, so he was curious to see how Ubuntu really works. I had brought Ubuntu CD which we used to install Ubuntu on his Sony Laptop. Unfortunately, since used the Wubi installer which was in its early stages of development, his Vista got corrupted. Obviously he was pissed off with this, I thought he would never again try Ubuntu.

     One year down the line since that incident, there is a total contrast in the way we are using our laptops. Jeetu has installed Ubuntu on his Laptop on his own and since then been using Ubuntu instead of Vista. On the other hand, even though I had installed Ubuntu on my laptop, I hardly used it (one of the reasons being lack of connectivity in NITIE which means I won’t be able to download and install software from net for Ubuntu). In fact, for past one month, I have become a proper Windows user with Vista on my laptop and XP- SP3 on my home desktop.

    Truly ironic if you compare it if you compare it with last year!!!


y no connectivity?????
wireless works good in 8.10 as i heard..Never tried though..
Siddhesh said…
By lack of connectivity, I meant wifi problems in NITIE. Also, the people who administer the net have adbvised students not to download files more than 10 MB. So that means it is difficult for me to install softwares via Synaptic.

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