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Wimbledon Final

Whoa!!! What a match!! I am really proud to have watched the last set of yesterday’s Wimbledon Final. Initially when I came to know that Roger was pitted against Roddick in the final, I thought it would be a piece of cake for the swiss master. But Andy played the best tennis of his life. He not only dragged the match into 5 sets, but also took final set to 14-16.
In fact, Federer was not able break the booming Roddick serve till the last game. In fact, it basically came down to who loses his serve. Federer was coming up with Aces when he needed and Roddick was making those unplayable body serves. To be honest, Roddick has improved a lot in last few months. He even improved his record in French Open last month. He was regarded as a one dimensional player with a great serve. Even though I am a great fan of Federer, it felt a little sad to see Andy lose like that. He wasted 4 set points in second set. He not broken in the whole match till the deciding game. Hopefully, as Roger said, Andy will come back stronger next year just like Roger did this year and win Wimbledon. I mean you reach 3 Wimbledon finals and runner up in all. The only other player to have faced such situation was Goran Ivanisevic(May be Federer himself in case of French open) Ivanisevi once said that -

“I might play in another final there and don't want that stupid (runner's up) plate for a fourth time. I am going to win Wimbledon one day -- even if it is the over 40s doubles ...”
He finally won the Wimbledon in 2001, beating Patrick Rafter in an epic final. He is the only wild card player to have won a Grand Slam. Kudos to his perseverance.
I guess I don’t have to talk much about the all time great Roger Federer. By surpassing Sampras he has reached a new high. He now has 6 Wimbledon, 5 US open, 3 Australian Open and 1 French Open titles. He also emulated Borg and Nadal, by winning French and Wimbledon in same year. Superb achievements!!!!
So who is your favorite? Did you watch the final? How did you feel? Please comment.

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