Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mastishk Interview

     On last Wednesday and Thursday, I had my first forum interview. I had earlier skipped committees and wanted to join only those forums where my skills would be utilized properly. Mastishk was one of them. I had earlier worked on an online gaming contest, i.e. VJTI’s very own Virtual Stock Market.

     First interview was more technical, was much better than the second one. The second wasn’t bad actually. Just that I could not answer some “why?”. For e.g. “Why you didn’t apply for committees?”. They even tried to stress interview me, by telling me that I wont be able to study in August as I would be coding for Mastishk and might have to miss quizzes in the classes (implying zero in class test). I was really confused at that moment. But hey, I am a Naruto fan, and even I don’t know when to give up. I kept saying that I would be able to manage it. They even said that it might affect my summer internship. Finally, at the end of the interview they clarified that they were lying about the whole “You wont be able to study” thing.

     Results are still not out. Hoping for the best!!!

P. S.: Results were not out by the time I wrote this post, but I got the news that I could not make it to the final team. No worries though :) I would be able to participate (and win) in Mastishk now :D

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