Saturday, January 23, 2010

Naruto Manga & Anime

There they go again!!! We are again forced by the animators of Naruto to watch few more filler episodes so that Anime does not catch up with Manga series. The fight between Sasuke and Killer Bee had just ended and I was eagerly waiting for the Naruto-Pain battle. But that would have meant getting too close Manga storyline.

There in the Manga series, writers remind me of Indian Television soaps like “Kyonki …”. They have their own way dragging the fights from one chapter to another. Before taking 2 weeks break for new years they show Itachi appearing at the end of the final chapter of the year. Everyone is excited as to how Itchi resurrects himself from the dead. And it turns out that he was just an illusion created by Sasuke to distract Danzo. Anyway, the “Izanagi” thing was something new that has come up in the series and next week’s issue will be interesting with finale of fight between Sasuke and Danzo.


Harshad Telang said...

Individual battles in Naruto are sometimes interesting, but overall I think it has become boring.

When it started things made sense (with explanations about chakra, etc), but now it's pretty inconsistent and just about hacks.
Example: There was a time when Sasuke had to use his cursed seal to pull out a 3rd chidori (so as not to die due to lack of chakra), but currently, he just fought other kages (using amateratsu, susanoo) and now is fighting full power against Danzou.

Another thing that irks me is the overkill of Sharingan. It made sense to use sharingan for illusion and copying jutsu. But now you can use the eye to do inter-dimension stuff, create inextinguishable fires, summon a creature who can seal souls and fire deadly arrows, have eyes all over your body, etc. (and we don't know what Madara can do with his eternal mangekyou)

I could go on, but enough of my rant :)
What's your opinion of the series?

Siddhesh said...

Couldnt have agreed more.
The reason I watch/read such series is the excitement of knowing more about the characters/powers.
I remember similar thing happening to me when I used to watch Dragon Ballz. I was die hard fan of DBz for first 52 episodes which I saw N number of times. I used to lament that CN never showed next episdoes. But now when I watch them its like "yaiks" thank god I didnt see this earlier. It is all screaming with no base, people are keep fighting on and on.

I saw a hint of it during the Pain Saga. As I remember, Pain invesion started in Dec and ended in mid May, thats 5 months for a single fight.

Hey Divin, if are reading this then you too tell us your thoughts.