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I seriously don’t remember the last time I watched a Marathi movie in a theater, so according to my memory this was the first time I saw a Marathi Movie in a theater. And where?? The center point of recent controversy, Bharatmata, whose owners have been asked by NTC to vacate the place. Well, I will discuss that point in another post. Now, let us talk about the movie.

I must admit it was a pleasure to watch Natrang in Bharatmata. The theater is located in central Mumbai near Lalbaug, which was dominated by Marathi mill workers in the yesteryears. Viraj had gone to PVR Lower Parel to buy the tickets. But since it would have cost us Rs. 150 each, I felt that it was too costly and asked Viraj to watch the movie in some other theater or on some other day. Since, Bharatmata was the nearest theater he decided to go there. I also left from home to join him. When I went there, there was a huge line for ticket. I didn’t tell Viraj but I had just 30 bucks in my wallet at that time, but what you know what? the ticket for the balcony was 30 only. Since balcony was full we bought 3 tickets for stall (Rs. 25 each but it didn't matter actually as Viraj did not take money from us). Aditya was informed late so he was expected to reach after the movie would start. I thought the whole atmosphere of the theater was built up to be ideal for such a movie.atul-kulkarni-natrang

If you ask me how the movie was, my answer would be good. I wouldn’t call it awesome. But yea Atul  Kulkarni’s acting was awesome. The way he had gained and lost weight for the initial and later part of the movie is commendable. Salute to you mate!!! On the other hand, I felt that Sonali Kulkarni really didn’t have much opportunity to show her acting skills as the length of her character is not much. But hey, she is undoubtedly the most beautiful actress currently working in Marathi film industry. The best part of the movie is of course the songs. All 3 “Katav”s, 3 Lavanis, “Khel Mandala” and the title track are superb. Kudos to Ajay-Atul. “Apsara Ali” and “Aata Vajale Ki Bara” are already hit among me and my friends. The only downside I felt was the end. As my friend Siddharth had told me, the climax is a bit abrupt. Apart from that the movie is a treat to watch. A must watch if you are a movie fan and try to go Bharatmata, it feels amazing to hear those screams and whistles when those 2 Lavanis are showed(even we had one whistle). All in all great experience!!!
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P.S.- Susmit just reminded me that I had gone to "Mi Shivajiraje Bhosale Bolatoy" in Central Plaza.


Madhav said…
gr88 to have a review post from you, Ayre :) I mean to watch this online sometime this week :) Khupach aiklay and I also love "Apsara Aali" !
Anonymous said…
I do not understand Marathi, but I have seen Atul Kulkarni's Hindi films. He does a great job there, just to the point acting and precise. I love his style and the way he carrries the films.

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