Monday, August 3, 2009

Audio – Visual Exercise

     I had my audio-visual exercise today. In communication skills subject each of the student has to speak on the topic of his choice for around 5 minutes. I was given Monday’s slot of 3pm. Initially I wanted to talk about some incident in my life, but then I had given an “observatory” speech already during CS lecture. I did not want to repeat the flow. So I thought of speaking on sub-prime crisis. I had given a talk on the same last year when I was in Netcore. I got some information on the topic from Wikipedia. Problem was remembering the whole stuff. Just before the presentation I got the printout of the doc and started reciting it. When I reached the audio-visual cell of NITIE, Shruti was talking in front of the camera. Then Shuchita started her speech on twitter. At that time I realized that instead of talking about Sub-prime crisis by looking the paper, I could actually talk passionately about some software/web service. And what can be better than Google Reader!!! I decided on that spot that I would talk about Google Reader. I jotted down some points at the back side of print out. I went for the speech after Subhranshu. It was nice little talk explaining the Google Reader as one of the best web services provided by Google. Sudhakar has told us that he would get a CD with the performances of all the students. We will also receive feedback on our talk, gestures, etc from our CS professor soon.

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