Monday, August 10, 2009

Theme Update….

     So I am not as bad HTML coder as I thought myself to be. It has been really joyful changing the blogger theme. I have always been striving for more, especially when I find myself being creative about something. The initial theme update was facilitated by the original Wordpress theme. But after that I have been using my creativity to make the blog visually more appealing. Of course, I had been lucky enough to get feedback from my friends, like the one suggested by Vinay, to use simpler fonts (I was using Tekton and Bradley ITC fonts earlier).

     I still feel that I can improve it, especially the Header image. Even though many have told me that they liked Header image, I always wanted to have Header image with most of friends in it. But I have not been able to conjure up such an image!! Need to be more creative on that front.


Vishwajeet Dangat said...

how do we copy ur theme?

Siddhesh said...

u will need my theme file. It is an xml file. U will hv to upload this file on ur blog (upload feature is present at the Layout tab). U will hv to change the urls of the images and upload ur own pics instead of mine. I ll mail u the theme. In case u r using Chrome (which u usually do) u cn use "Inspect Element" feature to find out the element u HTML want to edit.