Sunday, July 18, 2010

Netcore Visit

Honestly, why do we visit our old office? I think it is basically the old people whom we want to meet. The place is actually irrelevant for us if those same people have also left it. Something of that sort is happening with me and Netcore. Many of people with whom I had worked during my stay at Nectore have left/ are leaving. So I guess after a while it is going to feel – “अरे कहा आ गया मै?”

To talk about the visit, I met so many old colleagues. It was great to talk with them- I met most of them after a year. Saw Nithya’s engagement pics, it is funny how people are asked to pose on such occasions Open-mouthed smile It was difficult to believe that Roshan had left Netcore, he was kind of one of the pillars of the company. I hope Netcore makes it big with its new service

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Swapnil P. Bendekar said...

Hi siddhesh,

Pleasure meeting you too !!!!!