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Don't Acquaint With Fools

I can’t believe that someone actually saying that I am jealous of him. A person whom I tried helping when others were making a joke of him, today says that I am jealous of his so called success. Anyway, I never wanted to be friend with him, so doesn’t matter much in the long term. I knew he would be of no use, but never knew he would backfire on me like that. I will never forgive him for what he said. And mind it, I have a very good long term memory...

Update: After a little introspection, few comments from my friends and an honest opinion from Susmit, have made me retract some of the lines I said in anger. As they said, silence is the best answers in this situation and there won't be any more discussion on this issue from my side.


Anonymous said…
You know what? You gave him sadistic pleasure by getting angry on him and saying you will never forgive him blah blah. When people say that, just give a wide smile, making them feel like a fool. You know the truth, thats what matters.
I agree with Sneha...Sid you should simply ignore such people.Don't give importance to his comments...
Siddhesh said…
I guess you two are right. I said all that in heat of the moment. As u rightly pointed out vishwajeet, silence is the best thing to do in this situation. I went a little overboard about it. Thanks for your comments :)

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