Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Day @ NITIE - 1

So this was my first day at NITIE. I had decided to leave home by 8 in the morning but left at around 8.30. It was a something which I had never felt before. My brother Bunty started crying, well, he is a bit emotional. He hugged me and then sobbed on my sholder. I could see water in my Aai and Baba's eyes. I will never forget that moment.

Then baba, bunty and I, left for NITIE. Santosh kaka and Aryan accompnied us till station. We took a borivali train and got down at Andheri. Then took a rickshaw. There was a huge trafic near Saki Naka and it took around 1 hour for us to reach NITIE from andheri station. Once we reached there, we went to the PGP Hostel block 1-2 office. We found that some of seniors had not vacated the rooms and we would have to wait for some more time. At that time I realized that I could have come 1-2 days earlier, booked a room and then came back today. Anyway, I was alloted the room at around 2 o'clock. Meanwhile, I tested the mess food, thought it was good enough for 2 years' stay ;)

After moving my luggage in the room, I went to the academics section to verify my documents. Well, my clumsyness was at its best when I forgot my CAT score card in my hostel room bag. I had to rush back to hostel and collect my CAT score card and complete the whole verification procedure. In the mean time I asked baba and bunty to leave as they had to wait so long for me.

I have also received the time table. This year NITIE is having 3 batches for IM course and the third batch, i.e. my batch is supposed to have lectures on saturdays. In fact, we are going to have 4 half days in our 6 days in college. Not sure it I will able to go home any time soon. Hopefully, I will go back to home on saturday night, come back in the monday morning.


Note: This post was written on my first day at NITIE but I couldnt access internet for past 2 days, hence a late post.

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